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Ravers on Dope is a group that informs people about electronic live music, DJs, clubs and parties
in Second Life since 2008. Second Life is a great online 3D virtual world imagined and designed
by its residents. It started in 2003 and today more than 16 mio. members were registred.
Every landowner is able to have his own musicstream in SL, so the electronic party scene grew up
and get bigger and bigger. We’ve created to connect the real world
with our SL electronic music scene. We want to show you digital parties, clubs and DJs live in
Second Life. Find information, links and downloads.
A big thank you to all DJs, Clubs and friends for their help!
Greetings your
RAVERS ON DOPE Team, Like & Malo
and be informed about 
the best parties in SL!
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Musiclovers - everything and nothing.
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